About Us

ZOOCRAFT is a unique and unforgettable online handicraft shop that features the traditional artworks of Thai skilled artisans. We offer premium handicrafts which are unique, hand-made and painted with care, skill, and precision in the traditional native art designs of the Thai artisans. We have a variety of collectible items that will surely stand out among your most treasured collections.

Our products are distinctive and exceptional collectible items that are not only works of art but also timeless reminders of a unique culture and traditional way of life.  You can visit our shop in the Heart of Bangkok, Chatuchak Weekend Market, Thailand

Our handicraft and gift merchandise is focused on nautical themes, tropical themes, and wildlife themes. Our colorful and unique home décor, gift, handicraft products are inspired by nautical and tropical themes and expressed through products made from ceramic and glass.

Our art glass pieces come from our own ideas and designs. The sculptures look like live animals, and we think they are different from others you might see. we enjoy the process of creating our own ideas and developing them into original works of art.

We hope you will enjoy browsing through our online ZOOCRAFT Store. Whether you are looking for small gifts from Thailand or doing your Christmas shopping, we have something in our handicraft store for you! We supply premium handicraft worldwide.

"I love blown glass because of the pure imagination poured into every piece created...."




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